Dog Photographer Captures Hillarious Expressions Of Hungry Dogs

Christian Vieler जो की Germany के Waltrop शहर में रहते है उन्होंने Dogs को Treat खिलाते हुए मज़ेदार फोटोज लिया है. उनका मकसत था की Dogs के कई सरे Expressions ले पाए जैसे की Sad , Happy , Excited.

“Every shoot I am looking for that specific moment when the dog is looking as cute or funny as they can be,” said Vieler. “That cannot be seen without the power of freezing motion – funny dog’s faces with magnificent lineaments, telling us stories of panic, desire, and joy.” He told Bored Panda that he is inspired by “every silly dog-personality and a good portion of humor.”

Vieler, 45, is a journalist and became interested in photography in 2012 with a purchase of a new camera. “My snapshots with dog treats are not really a project, so you can say: everlasting and ongoing. I shoot a snapshot with every cute dog-guest in my studio. Some are pretty good, some not and a few of these cool photos are really gorgeous.”

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